Selling your home and moving house in the New Year? 4 key tips

Posted on Thursday, January 2, 2020

Are you waiting till your Christmas and the New Year celebrations are out of the way until you put your home on the market? Fine - but don’t wait too long. Over the Christmas break, all kinds of people will be talking about moving - people who might be in the market for your property. To give yourself the best possible chance of selling early in 2020 and at a favourable price, you need to be ahead of your competition. Here are our 5 top tips for moving house in the New Year.

1. De-clutter
Not easy over the Christmas period. This is the time when clutter tends to gather - Christmas gifts, decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas cards. Even extra pieces of furniture you’ve brought in to accommodate those extra guests. But this needn’t stop you from working on those rooms that at the forefront of your festivities. You may well have family visiting over the holiday period. Start by de-cluttering the bedrooms they’ll be staying in. Not only will you be refreshing them and making them welcoming for your guests, but you’ll be giving yourself a head-start in preparing your home for those all-important New Year viewings.

Next - work your way through other rooms where possible. Pack away your ornaments. Get rid of toys or clothes that you don’t need any more. Don’t wait till twelfth night. Pack away your decorations as early as you dare!

2. Winter clean
Forget spring cleaning. You can’t afford to wait until then. The time to start cleaning the house from top to bottom is five minutes after your Christmas guests have driven away. What better excuse can there be to make sure they don’t outstay their welcome?

Scrub bathrooms, shampoo carpets, leave your fridge and kitchen surfaces sparkling. Then - and this isn’t always easy - make sure you keep everything that way. And don’t forget the garden. Sweep up any leaves, polish doors and windows and prune back any dead plants and trees. In short, do all you can to make your home look like a palace!

3. Lighting
In winter months particularly, it’s vital to light your home correctly. There’s every chance that most of your viewings will happen towards the end of the day, as daylight is fading, just as people are finishing work for the day. Spend time over Christmas fixing damaged light fittings and replacing blown bulbs. You might even buy a few smart lamps in the winter sales to brighten up any gloomy corners. Your main aim should be to make your home look cosy and inviting – even on the most dreary of January days.

4. Staging
Those all-important finishing touches. Don’t leave them till the morning of first New Year viewing. Be prepared early. Think about matching fresh towels in the bathroom, arranging cushions or throws for your sofa, smart bedding for each bedroom and fresh tea towels for your kitchen. Again - all these can be neat excuses for visiting the January Sales!

Once you’ve de-cluttered, make sure each room is neatly accessorised. Imagine how each room will look once it’s been photographed for the sales brochure of for online viewings. There should be no toys out, personal photographs on display or pet food bowls taking up floor space. Place bunches of fresh flowers around to brighten bare surfaces. You can also bake a cake to display in the kitchen or even set your dining table as if you were inviting people over for a meal. Think really carefully about the tiniest detail. On their own, they might seem insignificant.

Then, of course, there’s the fragrance of your home. Keeping it delicately scented can make all the difference. Avoid cooking a strong meal the night before. If in doubt, freshly baked bread or brewing coffee are always welcoming smells.

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